About Us


s Oklahoma’s leading provider of rehabilitative therapy programs, our therapists individually design comprehensive services for the unique needs of our community. We help our patients, young and old, reach the highest degree of independence and functioning potential using physical, occupational and speech therapy.

RehabSource is dedicated to using the combined knowledge and skill of our licensed physical therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapist assistants, certified occupational therapy assistants and speech language pathologists to focus on each patient’s specific needs.

Our company was founded on these principles of respect.
These are the cornerstone values of RehabSource.

  • RESPONSIBILITY :: We are personally accountable for our actions and how they affect others. We will each uphold the Statement of Commitment.

  • ETHICS :: We will not participate in or tolerate dishonesty or abuse. We are obligated to report unethical behavior.

  • SERVANT ATTITUDE :: We are givers, not takers. We are listeners, not talkers. We are promoters of others, not ourselves.

  • PRIDE :: We believe in the dignity of our work and the honor of our profession. We expect the best of ourselves and one another.

  • EFFICIENCY :: We recognize the value of the resources available to us and will use them responsibly.

  • COMMUNICATION :: We communicate in an honest, factual and fair manner, and recognize the value of honest feedback. We will promote a positive environment free of fear, harassment and intimidation.

  • TEAMWORK :: Our strength lies in our sense of family and the ongoing development of each other. We will work together to reach our goals, and openly celebrate each other’s successes.

I would like to share with you our Statement of Commitment. It is not something that we merely hang on the wall. It is the soul of our company.

We are committed to:

  • providing compassionate and dignified care to the people we serve
  • working together with respect and understanding and...
  • doing our very best.

We are truly committed to Renewing Hope, Restoring Function so our patients can Reclaim Life.


Barry Wade